Death Certificates

Certified Death Certificate Transcripts are legal document bearing the seal and signature of a local registrar. They are used to present to courts, banks, insurance companies, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and various agencies as a manner of proving death. The death certificate is filed by your funeral director, and contains statistical information provided by the legal next of kin as well as medical information from the deceased's physician, coroner, or medical examiner. 

The death certificate must be filed by a funeral director in the locality where death occurred. In Chemung County, there is a single county registrar's office responsible for filing and distributing death certificates. Most of the counties in New York have a registrar for each Town, Village, City, etc. Fees for certified copies vary upon the location of the registrar office, as does the time it takes to receive those copies. Your director can assist you in obtaining any copies and notify you about conditions that would require a certified copy.

Information required for the death certificate is available under "When A Death Occurs", which you will find under  "Funeral Planning" on the toolbar at above.